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Toddler Arts and Crafts OR Mommy is crazy...

So for a few months I have been on this kick where I want Isaiah and I to have arts and crafts time.  He is nearly two and a half years old, so he is hit or miss with following instructions well, which makes arts and crafts very interesting.  Enjoyable arts and crafts time is really a function of Mommy picking the correct project for him to do.  He enjoys gluing things, using paints, foam pieces, and glitter, finger painting, the laminating machine and googley eyes.  So any combination of those things in the form of a craft is very good.   And I love buying craft supplies, as evidenced by my rather large stock of goods.  I began buying craft supplies in college, with every intention of using them to do many crafty things, like making jewelry, crafting masterful paintings, scrapbooking and making fun photo frames.  I have only done a small fraction of what I've desired to do.  Jaime Horvat would back me up on this, as everytime she saw jewelry that I knew I could make, I would tel

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