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Sex, the Church, and Erotica or a Peek into Pulling Back the Shades

Sex, erotica, mommy porn, BDSM, intimacy, kinky sex, and fantasies.  If you consider yourself a Christian, you probably are blushing.  These topics are generally not discussed in many church settings.  Growing up in a mainline denomination, my church seemed pretty silent on sex and any surrounding topic, except the one sex rule - "don't do it".  Not up for discussion or conversation or even explanation, it was pretty much a forbidden topic.  Nevermind anything kinky.   It's apparent that the church still isn't talking enough about sex or erotica, because when the "mommy porn" book series, Fifty Shades of Grey came out, o ver 70 million copies were sold in the first year, making it the fastest selling books of all time.  Many who partook in the reading surely identified themselves as Christian women, whether they were teens to moms and even grandmas.  When no one is talking in church circles about "how to better your sex life", how to get y