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*Somewhat* Extreme Couponing - An Update

So if you tuned in for my initial foray into *somewhat* extreme couponing , you may have had some of the same thoughts that I did. Why did I spend more than $3 for $75 worth of product?? Why wasn't everything free? Isn't extreme couponing getting lots of stuff I don't need, for free?!  So what did I do wrong? Well, maybe you didn't have any of those thoughts, and maybe you didn't even read my blog into *somewhat* extreme couponing .  That's okay, there's still time!  :)  But just in case you did have those questions, this is an update to share what I have learned.  In my first blog about couponing, I attempted to purchase too much.  Honestly. I spent more on my first "coupon trip" to CVS and Rite Aid than I spent in many follow up trips, and have learned a thing or two about getting some sweet deals since then.  I have decided that a few of the essential tips and tricks to couponing are as follows:   1) Get as many products as you can for as

Insecurities and Jesus

As a blogger, I struggle sometimes wondering why anyone would ever want to read what I write.  There are so many bloggers out in the blogosphere and I don't feel as though I am as (insert adjective here) as most of them. Not as deep and poignant as this blogger, not as funny and witty as that one, not as holy and wise as that chick, and not as heartfelt and raw as that other blogger.  I'm not fishing for compliments, but, instead, letting you in on one of my biggest insecurities.  I am intimidated by other bloggers.  I'm insecure about what I have to say.  Sometimes, I'm scared to write.  Scared that it won't be received well, or won't be received at all.  That no one will see what I write, no one will care, and no one will be moved and changed.  Even blogging for Deliberate Women, talk about intimidating, right?!?  I'm not Beth Moore or Elizabeth George or Joni Eareckson Tada.  What do I know about God?  How can I show someone the way of Jes

Get Your Act Together

Do you ever feel like you just CAN'T get your act together? The house is *still* a mess. The four bushels of clothes to fold and put away are staring you down. Your body is screaming at you because you haven't done anything even remotely close to exercise in two months. You just want to hide from your kids, watch an entire season of Friends, and go to the bathroom alone. Oh, and you haven't showered in days.  Do you feel me? I started this year with gusto and goals.  I composed many lists, things to accomplish, an everything to do list, a blog topic list, and even a "great ideas" list.  I subscribed to a blog about decluttering.  I was even working on an organizational wonder, my "homemaking" binder, which I promise is not as ridiculous as it sounds.  It is meant to be one spot to have meal plans, family calendars, to do lists, idea scribbles, and blog jottings.  How do you think that is working out for me?  Is my life or even my house organized yet