My Story

Hmmmm, my story.  Where do I begin?  How about this:  I owe my life to Jesus.  I was blessed with a good upbringing, loving parents, all the material things I needed, and opportunities that only few have.  Yet I still made bad choices, hung out with unsavory types, and in general, made a mess of my life.  I drank too much way before I was of age, gave way too much of my body and heart away before I was married, and tried to binge and purge my pounds away before I knew I was beautiful.  But Jesus saved me.  He saved me from myself, from a lifetime of feeling ugly and unloved, and most importantly, He saved me for an eternity to spend with Him.  

Right there in the Piano Lounge of McElwain Hall on the Penn State University campus in the spring of 2000, Jesus saved me.  Leading up to that pivotal moment in my life, I had lived with God as rules.  Do this, don't do that, and for heaven's sake, please don't do that other thing.  And I was sick of it.  So what of all the rules?  Why should I?  Or why shouldn't I?  So I did.  And I didn't.  I got myself deeper and deeper into depression and despair as I committed sin after sin after sin.  As my heart got harder and harder still, I arrived at the fact that God didn't exist.  And if He does, He's like a kid over an anthill with a magnifying glass waiting to fry me for wrongdoing.  No love, no grace, no truth, and no peace for my heart. 

I began to search for truth, as the Holy Spirit was calling my name.  I came to the point that I knew that the answer to my search had to do with God.  I didn't know how or what, but I knew that the answer had something to do with God.  Soon I would be in the Piano Lounge with a friend who explained the problem and solution.  I had sinned.  There was nothing I could do to make up for that sin, I could not overcome the sin to get to heaven.  BUT Jesus died in my place, for that sin.  And He was not still dead, but had beaten death, sin, and the grave.  I had to receive His death and resurrection as my payment for sin.  And right there, I received His atoning work on the cross as my very own payment for sin.  I was saved!  I was made right with God and a weight was lifted from my heart and life.  

I'd be lying to say that it was smooth sailing after that, because I had pissed off the devil.  Some of my worst times came after I was saved by Jesus.  My lowest lows and highest highs were in the years that followed.  I did some of the most depraved things, struggled more with bulemia, got engaged a few times, drank to the point of blacking out many times, and even tried to slit my wrist not out of a sincere desire to die, but instead because I didn't really want to live and probably deserved to be punished.  But God never gave up on me.  He loved me then and He loves me still.  He came to my rescue, set me on a new path, and blessed me abundantly.  And its not over yet.  He has plans for my future and I am at peace knowing I am HIS and the best part is yet to come.

If you have questions about my life, my experiences, my adventures with God, PLEASE contact me.  Email me at alaynarichard at gmail dot com, and I will be more than happy to answer any questions and listen to what you have to say!!   


  1. Love being able to read your story Alayna! God is so very merciful!
    <3Lindsay Brosgol

    1. Lindsay - Thank you so much for reading! He is soooooo very merciful!! And I am soooo very thankful! :) Miss seeing you!!

  2. Glad you have shared your story! Praise Jesus! :)

    1. Thank you for reading what I shared! Pass it on, if there is someone who may benefit! Praise Jesus indeed!!


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