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October Baby - Every Life is Beautiful

Passion.  It's one of those things that not everyone has, and the ones who have it may drive you crazy with it...  Especially when they are passionate about things that you are not passionate about.   I'm passionate about marriage, babies, Jesus, young children, cloth diapers, and  I know, a weird list.  I'll talk your ear off about any of them, if you express the least bit of interest.  I am more reserved and shy about Jesus and marriage than I should be, but I've probably already talked your ear off about cloth diapers.  But that's not where this one is heading.  I'm passionate about babies and young children.  Like I can't watch the news without crying when it contains stories about abused or abandoned babies and babies who die at the hands of those that should have loved them.  I love the little ones who can't help themselves, and sometimes I wish I could steal away all the little ones who have been hurt and taken advantage of.  But I can&#

Naptime and bedtime and Galatians 5

It's been some time since I last lamented about our bedtime and naptime woes, and you may assume that it's all better now, right??  Well, it's not just yet.  Not to burst any bubble or sound like Debbie Downer, but bedtime and naptime are not a cakewalk yet.  Isaiah spent a lot of time in the last few weeks in a zombie like state because he was so overly tired, and yet he didn't want to lay down and nap or go to bed at a decent time without a major crying fit.  We have had more declarations of "I no take a nap" and lots of crying from my 2.5 year old son.  His assessment that he doesn't want to take a nap is obviously based on the fact that he knows best and knows just what he needs.  Right?  Right.  We have tried some new things with him, like sticking to a more firm sleep schedule and reviving our tried and true bedtime routine.  But the biggest new thing is locking his bedroom door from the outside.  I don't really like the idea, and i