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Passion.  It's one of those things that not everyone has, and the ones who have it may drive you crazy with it...  Especially when they are passionate about things that you are not passionate about.   I'm passionate about marriage, babies, Jesus, young children, cloth diapers, and Mint.com.  I know, a weird list.  I'll talk your ear off about any of them, if you express the least bit of interest.  I am more reserved and shy about Jesus and marriage than I should be, but I've probably already talked your ear off about cloth diapers.  But that's not where this one is heading.  I'm passionate about babies and young children.  Like I can't watch the news without crying when it contains stories about abused or abandoned babies and babies who die at the hands of those that should have loved them.  I love the little ones who can't help themselves, and sometimes I wish I could steal away all the little ones who have been hurt and taken advantage of.  But I can't, not without being imprisoned for being a crazy lady.  That's just how much I love the little ones who can't help themselves.  

This leads to my real reason for writing today.  I am passionate about unborn babies just as much as babies.  I had a miscarriage a little over a year ago and I cried, mourned, and cried some more that I would never meet my little unborn baby.  Unborn babies includes babies lost to abortion too.  My heart breaks when women feel that their only choice in an unplanned pregnancy is abortion.  I wish I could adopt their babies too!  But I can't.  

I learned about a new movie the other day called October Baby.  It's about a young woman who finds out she is adopted and also an abortion survivor.  She goes on a road trip to find her birth mother and answers about her past.  The trailer makes me cry, and I'm sure the movie will make me cry too.  Here is the trailer.


So what I'm really trying to say is this...  GO see this movie!!!!!  It has a limited release nationwide on March 23.  AND it's coming to Pittsburgh on it's opening weekend, and will be playing at Cinemark Robinson Township 16, 2100 Settlers Ridge Center Drive, Robinson Township, PA 15205.  If you aren't in Pittsburgh, find a theater near you hereGOOOOOO SEEEEEE IT!!!!  When you go to see a movie on it's opening weekend, you are making an impact on the direction of the movie industry with your money.  This is a movie that is artistically done, wholesome, family friendly, and about something very important.  Tell Hollywood that you would like more movies like it!!  And just in case you weren't convinced that telling Hollywood you want wholesome movies is awesome enough, the producers of OCTOBER BABY have assigned 10% of the profits of the movie to the Every Life is Beautiful Fund, which will distribute funds to frontline organizations helping women facing crisis pregnancies, life-affirming adoption agencies, and those caring for orphans.  Even more awesome!!

Gianna Jessen, who is herself an abortion survivor, said "I laughed so hard and cried so hard, and healed. Thank you."  I'm betting if she laughed and cried, you will too.  So GO SEE THIS MOVIE!  

UPDATE:  OCTOBER BABY will only be in the Cinemark Robinson Township for ONE week!!  Just one week to go see this incredible movie!!  From March 23 to March 29, there will be five showings per day at 11:30 am, 2:15, 5:00, 7:30, and 10:30 pm.  Please try to see the movie opening weekend, March 23 to March 25.  Prices are between $5.50 for the 11:30 am showing and $9.25 for later showings.  Go see this movie!!  ;)


  1. First - I'm so sorry for your miscarriage! That's the hardest thing for a mother to grasp and heal from. As Christians it makes it SLIGHTLY easier...not much....but a tad. The only thing that got me through it and still, to this day, is knowing that God has taken the BEST care of my precious 7 week (in the womb) baby that I will one day get to hold in my own arms...but until that day, I can only dream. I lost our first baby last May...so seeing just the trailer for this made me tear up. Then to think of those that could care less about their child, pregnancy, etc just totally breaks my heart! I think its harder on us that have had the miscarriage to see others just give up that life...each life is a precious gift from God that these people do not see. Every time someone complains about their child I just want to cry...knowing I have to wait to meet my firstborn! I have cherished EVERY second of this pregnancy and cannot wait to meet our daughter!
    I would LOVE to go see this movie....LOVE, I know I'll cry, but I doubt I'll be able to make it....especially clear to Robinson. :( I'll have to see, if by chance, it's up here.
    It looks amazing and hope to see it some day.
    God bless you for being a strong Christian woman as you dealt with your miscarriage and I know you, like me, cherish every second you have with the children God did bless you with on this earth!
    The best image that got me through things...every time I closed my eyes I saw these big strong hands holding the tiniest baby anyone could imagine...and I heard a voice tell me "Don't be sad, I have your child, your baby is safe with me. One day you will meet your firstborn but for now, I will take care of them!"
    *hugs* Thank you for sharing this!

    ps - sorry I kinda rambled! :)

    1. No worries about rambling - and it's hardly rambling anyway! I'm so very sorry to hear about your miscarriage as well... It hurts, but thankfully we know the God who rises with healing in His wings! He is the only One who can truly heal our hearts. I think the loss of a life in the womb is painful, whether intentional or not. And I think that when women choose abortion (as opposed to many women who feel coerced or forced to have one), they end up trading one "problem" for another problem. And the "problem" wouldn't really have been as big a problem as the new problem is. The woman who plays the birth-mother in the film is herself a post-abortive mother who had never told any one her secret, and when they contacted her to play the role, she broke down. She knew it was God's way to heal her heart of the pain of her abortion so many years before. Watch this here: http://youtu.be/Vjx1mb6WY-I Incredibly powerful, incredibly amazing, moving and heart rending film. I cannot wait to see it! Cannot!


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