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It’s almost Easter.   One of my favorite parts of the Easter narrative is the story about Lazarus.   He is one interesting character.   His claim to fame may just be that he died – twice.   Crazy, I know!   There is of course a back story here, and it can be found in the Bible, in John 11.   Go ahead and read it – it’s an amazing story with quite possibly one of the most amazing miracles that Jesus performed.   I always love this miracle for what it evokes in my own life and mind.   First, let me retell the story… Lazarus, a friend of Jesus, who lives with his sisters Mary and Martha, is sick.  His sisters send word to Jesus that Lazarus is sick and at death's door.  While the message is still in transit to reach Jesus who is staying a day’s travel away, (remember no email, cell phones, or carrier pigeons) Lazarus dies.  His family is in mourning.   They readied his body for burial by wrapping him in graveclothes, and they placed him in a tomb shortly after his death.   Jesus g