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Toddler Storytelling and Alayna is Alive Day

Isaiah has a newfound joy for story telling.  He asks John and I to tell him stories, and he also enjoys retelling stories that he hears and loves.  So we have told him the story of how mommy and daddy met, the story of when he was born and when his sister was born, and about the time that he drove mommy crazy when he was a colicky infant and wouldn’t stop crying in the backseat when mommy was stuck in rush hour traffic on Route 51.   That one was a nailbiter... ;) Just a few weeks ago, while he was taking a bath, he asked me to tell him a story, a new story.   And, well, I remembered a whale of a tale that he hadn't heard yet.   It just so happens that this story began eight years ago, one day late in August.    It’s a crazy story about a young woman who walked out in front of a minivan that was going at least 25 miles an hour.   She got hit, flew 35 feet in the air like a rag doll, landed in oncoming traffic, and survived to live another day.   But she was b