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Toddler Arts and Crafts: Recycled Crayon Cuties

Broken crayons...  I think anyone who owns a box of crayons, also owns broken ones.  I like to keep things in order, nice and neat, and if it were up to me, the crayons would always be in color family order in the big box of 64 Crayola crayons with the mini sharpener on the back.  But apparently, I had to lay my desire for nice and neat aside, because I have a two year old.  He doesn't feel the same way that I do about crayons, so they are busted and beat up in an old plastic Huggies wipes container.  With broken ones comprising at least a quarter of the bin.  The trouble with broken ones is that I now have an 8 month old...  Who crawls... Everywhere.  So now, I have to worry about tiny crayon bits looking like food to her.  One more choking hazard on the floor.  What to do, what to do?!? I'll tell you...  I made cute crayon rounds from our broken bits.  Here is my fun photo tutorial for what to do to recycle broken crayons, other than your very valid and almost as easy op

CSC Fireworks - More American than Apple Pie!

Fireworks.  What is more American than fireworks?  I would contend that there isn't much...  So what does every true red, white, and blue American do on the Fourth of July??  Watch fireworks, of course! This Fourth of July, we watched the city of Pittsburgh's fireworks show from the North Shore on the lawn of the Carnegie Science Center.  And honestly, it was probably my favorite location for fireworks yet!!  Next year, it's a destination that you should seriously consider, and here is why.   1.  Ahhhhh mazing view!   Seriously, it was one of the best vantage points that I have experienced for the downtown Pittsburgh fireworks display.  I have watched the fireworks from two different locations in Point State Park and a location near Station Square, and all of those locations were good.  BUT the Carnegie Science Center lawn was amazing, because the Pittsburgh skyline was the backdrop for the fireworks display, which made pictures of the fireworks pretty amazing!  I am an

Two Moms, Four Kids and the Carnegie Science Center

Educational day-long outings with little ones can be quite the experience, to put it kindly.  Most moms would rather stay home than deal with all of the tears, puke, tantrums, poop, lost toys, and lost patience that an outing with littles can produce.  Yet, I seem to keep going on outings with my littles, often taking along my best friend Jamie and her littles.  We amount to two moms and four littles under the age of four.  We must be extra loving, extra graceful mommas who just want their littles to flourish - or suckers for punishment.  I'll let you decide!   On this particular outing to the Carnegie Science Center (CSC) in February of this year, we were two moms and four littles under the age of three.  It was a little insane and a little trying at times, including wet clothes, lost children, and lots of potty breaks, but let me encourage moms of littles out there, you too can take your babes to the Carnegie Science Center, and have a blast!!!  Because we certainly did!!