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2012 in Review and God's Seemingly Random Plans

Two thousand and twelve was a year of adjusting for me.  It was a year that began with me quitting my job and finding my new "work" at home.  I knew when God nudged me to begin my blog shortly before Annika was born, that my job title would change from HR to SAHM plus something more.  God has stretched and encouraged me in blogging in this year, and has more for me in writing in 2013.  My fodder to blog about has been life, period.  My loves, my fears, my passions, my God, my kids, and my hubby - life as an adventure.  And two thousand and twelve was an adventure, a pretty good one as a family...  We had mostly ups and only a few downs, all of which I'll recount for you here. 

Annika turned one.  Isaiah turned three.  They both are exerting their independence in various ways, ones that can sometimes drive this momma mad.  But it's part of growing up.  Life is a separation process from the time that the umbilical cord is cut.  They grow, become independent and eventua…