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Social Media Madness

Social Media Alert...  There are people on the Internet, and they receive the messages that you send!  They are real people, not bots, who read what you write.  And they often have feelings, hurts, loves and touchy spots in their life.   I think of this phenomenon as social media madness.  People so blinded by their knowledge, strong opinions and sometimes hateful thoughts on a particular subject that they succumb to a temporary madness and forget to think before they send a tweet, post or blog out onto a social media site.  In their temporary madness, they forget that the internet is simply made up of other people all around the world, people who are just like them.  And in their blinded state, they say things that they would absolutely NEVER say to any living and breathing person who was standing in front of them. Think of the vitriol that conservatives may spew about President Obama on Twitter.  The hatred that liberals often express in online forums or blogs for Rush Limbaug