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A Week of News and the World is Dark

Our world is going to hell in a handbasket.   (Warning graphic content!) Just this week, I ran across two articles that made me cry, sob even.  They made my heart hurt and stomach turn .    In the first article, a Chinese newborn baby, perhaps only a few days old, was extracted from a sewer line this past Saturday, where he had been heard wailing for two days.  The sewer pipe was only 4 inches in diameter, and the baby was stuck there after he had been flushed down the toilet in a residential building in the wealthy coastal province of Zhejiang.  Firefighters cut the pipe loose and took the pipe with terrified baby inside to the hospital, so that doctors could cut the baby loose.  He's being called "number 59" because of his incubator number at the hospital.  The whole c ommunity has reached out to care for this baby with donations and offers to adopt, while the Chinese public has been expressing a good bit o f outrage on the Chinese version of Twitter . 

Facebook creeping and a parenting question...

Now there are many people who rarely post on Facebook but read posts all day long.  They are the proverbial fly on the wall in the room that is Facebook.  Listening and watching for something juicy.  And if we are all honest, we can admit we have done it too.  We too have come across something juicy and called our husband or a friend to let them know the trainwreck that just happened.  And if you haven't ever done this, I suppose you either are really holy, or you don't have Facebook.   Just the other day, I had the privilege of running into a heated rant on leaving your kids in the car.  The rant was pretty emphatic about how people shouldn't leave their kids in the car, even to do a small task that would require the parent to walk away from the car for even five minutes, such as pick up another child at school.  And it got heated when another parent said that they did indeed leave their kids in the car to pick up another child from school, but that the doors are locked