My Writing Adventures and Being A CSC Insider for the Summer

So, I'm pretty new to blogging really.  My blog just turned a year old, a few months ahead of my little girl, Annika Ruth.  I had never had a blog, but had always loved writing.  Maybe I was too busy to blog or too lazy to set one up, but I finally joined the blogosphere last year.  I felt a little nudge from God to do it, so maybe that was the final straw.  I have always had a feeling that I would one day write a book, but maybe it's not a book that I'm destined to write.  Maybe it's just my blog.  Or an e-book, which I suppose is still technically a book, but the prospect of writing an e-book or blogging seems much less intimidating than a ginormous chapter book with an editor, a publisher and deadlines.  Besides, where would I even start?!  I don't know what the future holds, so only time will tell about authoring a book.  Until then, I have my blog and you, my reader!

Along my writing journey, I have had some timely and wonderful opportunities.  A few years ago, before I had a blog, my pastor approached me about writing a weekly email devotional for my (now defunct) young adults church group.  I probably wrote for a year or more, and it was my first foray into publishing my writings for an audience.  At some point, I plan on introducing some of my better ones on this blog, so look for them!  I also had the distinct privilege of being the editor for a booklet for a women's retreat.  It was an interesting learning experience to compile and edit writings from many people, as well as author my own piece on the topic for the retreat.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though it was tougher than I expected.

After starting my blog last year, I was presented with an opportunity to be a Carnegie Science Center Insider for the summer of 2012.  The social media folks at the Carnegie Science Center called for local Pittsburgh bloggers to apply to be a CSC Insider.  They received applications in late May to select a few "social media mavens" to blog, tweet, and post about the Carnegie Science Center all summer long.  I applied and had a good feeling that I just may be chosen.  It was almost perfect, because I had just written a piece about why you need to belong to the Carnegie Museums and to the Pittsburgh Zoo.  I had tweeted my blog to the Carnegie Science Center and to the Pittsburgh Zoo, and received a request to repost my blog to the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Members Page on Facebook.  So, of course, I joyfully agreed, and all this before the CSC Insider opportunity came about!  So as I submitted my application, I surely hoped I would fit their bill!

Isaiah at the Miniature Railroad!

World's Largest Playable Guitar!
I was chosen, along with five other local bloggers, to blog twice a month about my experiences at the Carnegie Science Center.  Being a lover of science, math, and all things geeky, I couldn't wait to get started!  As part of my CSC Insider blogging gig, I received a year membership to the Carnegie Science Center and access to special events, shows, and tours for free.  We kicked off the summer with a free pass for me and the hubs to the Guitar Party, with four local legends on stage, to celebrate the opening of the CSC's GUITAR exhibit.  We thoroughly enjoyed the concert, which we probably wouldn't have attended otherwise.  And we loved the exhibit too, so the CSC Insider gig must not be so bad, right?!  The next special event that we attended was the Fourth of July Fireworks show, which was a hit with the entire family!  I never realized that you could watch the fireworks show from the Carnegie Science Center, but given how much we enjoyed it, we will be back next July!  My obligation for attending these special and awesome events, was to report back to you, the reader, about my experience.  Not only did we attend special events, but we spent many a summer day at the Carnegie Science Center exploring all that you can find on any given day.  And boy did we have fun!!
Isaiah and dad, exploring science!

Isaiah, scoping out the city
In all, being a CSC Insider for the past few months has been a great experience!  It encouraged me to be more periodic about blogging and to attend special CSC events that I likely wouldn't have attended if I hadn't been a CSC Insider.  I also learned a great deal about the daily events put on by the Carnegie Science Center, as well as their special events and evenings out.  I am still hoping to attend their newest offering, twenty one and over nights!  On Friday, November 9th I'm planning on attending "21+ Night: Glass".  If you get a chance, come meet me and my hubby for a date night plus science for big kids!  And learn all about making glass with a local glassmaking professional!  Or maybe we will see you at what is sure to be one of Isaiah's favorites, Munchkin Mondays, which started back up while we were enjoying vacation, or any of the other preschool adventures programming that is offered.  We are excited about all the Carnegie Science Center has to offer, and can't wait to learn more about science!  I hope that my experience blogging as a CSC Insider has been eye-opening and exciting for you, too!  


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