My Baby Boy's THIRD Birthday...

Today is my baby's THIRD birthday, and I can't hardly believe it.  Time passes so very quickly, yet so slowly too.  I have heard it said that the days are long, but the years short, and that is truly the case.  Lots of long, hard days raising my little Isaiah and yet here we are three years later.  And in those three years, he's grown so very much.  He is funny, silly, intelligent, talkative, inquisitive, and so much more.  He sleeps in a big boy bed, is potty trained, and has a best buddy.  My little man.  I love him so very much.   

Happy 3rd Birthday Isaiah!
In April 2010, I wrote the following bit about Isaiah's arrival, and I'm reblogging it here for you today.  It's very funny that things don't change, we had a hard time getting Isaiah to bed tonight too...

And without any further ado: 

I was having a hard time getting my darling baby boy to bed tonight and I was getting to the end of my patience... Moments like these make you wonder why we desire so badly to have children. Yet we do desire to have a little one and hold them in our arms!

I was struck by God's goodness just today as I read of one woman's experience with HELLP Syndrome. She developed it early in her pregnancy, around 24 weeks. She delivered a baby boy, Nolan, weighing less than a pound, who died three days later. I bawled reading her story, mourning for her loss, putting myself in her shoes... I rejoice that my baby boy made it, knowing that God's good plan brought Isaiah into our lives.

I was thinking more about my own child birthing experience with Isaiah, and the difficulties that I accompanied it. I had a normal pregnancy ending with HELLP Syndrome, which seemed to develop rapidly around week 35 with a week of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. We didn't know what it was and wrote it off as food poisoning or some other random ailment. I never had high blood pressure or protein in my urine, which are tell tale signs of HELLP Syndrome, a severe variant of preeclampsia. It was a bit of a surprise!

At the end of August 2009, on the Monday of the week I delivered, I fell so sick at work that John had to come get me. I didn't feel that I would even be able to drive home! I spent that day and night nauseated and throwing up, begging for John to take me to the hospital. I spent most of the week curled up on our love seat on the porch. I went to work on Thursday, trained some managers, yelled at one, went to our birthing class that night, and then fell sick again and curled up on the sofa in the waiting room of the maternity ward where, little did I know, I would deliver the next day!

Friday morning at 2:00 am, I woke from my sleep and I went to the bathroom. I thought maybe my water had broken and I told John. He said are you sure, try to get some more sleep, and maybe you can ask the doctors at work when you get there in the morning... I woke at 4:00 and was certain that my water had broken. I called the doctor and they said get to the hospital. We packed a bag and headed to St. Clair Hospital! They checked us in, and said that my water indeed had broken. This was it! We were there to have our baby boy!! We were filled with excitement and nervousness!!

We checked into our room, I was garbed in gorgeous hospital attire and hooked up to the normal wires and tubes. I was having contractions, but couldn't feel them and baby hadn't dropped by mid morning. They did some blood work, but couldn't believe the results, so they did it again! The results were the same, and it was determined that I had asymptomatic HELLP Syndrome. They were going to decide what to do by 11 am and brief us on it shortly after. It must have been the longest 30 or 45 minutes... When they finally came in, they said our options were to wait a little to see what would happen, but I wasn't progressing normally, or do a C-section. They suggested a C-section, with the following intricacies, I couldn't have a spinal block due to the risk of paralysis, so I would have to be put under completely, and if they weren't able to stop the bleeding (due to the low platelet count from HELLP) I may have to have a transfusion, and if they still couldn't stop the bleeding, they may have to take out my uterus.

It was a very scary, very emotional situation. We talked, cried and we prayed. We enlisted all of our friends to pray, pray, and pray. We were believing God that my uterus would be safe, because we felt that He had given us the names for two boys and one girl, Isaiah Samuel, Micah Alan, and Ruth. We prepared for the surgery, just John and I, praying and relying on God alone. We were alone without our friends or family, as no one had arrived yet. I was alone too, as John wasn't allowed into the operating room due to the possibilities for complications. I prayed and prayed as they put me under, scared and trying to trust God as best I could.

We delighted in God's goodness shortly after our crisis. Our son, Isaiah Samuel, was born at 2:17 pm on Friday, August 28, 2009, weighing 5 lb 12.5 ounces and measuring 19 inches long. He was close to 35 weeks gestation, yet he was perfectly healthy, with fully developed lungs. I wasn't in the clear yet, and had to have magnesium sulfate for the next 24 hours to prevent a seizure. I was a mess, nauseated and confused. I was hungry too, because I'd been sick and nauseated all week! It was rough, but we made it through. I had been retaining sooo much fluid that I looked like a different woman mere days after the birth because of the rapid fluid loss.

I felt from the beginning of my pregnancy that the Lord had told me that everything would be okay and I would go full term. And we made it right to the brink of full term, just as God had said.

Our little Isaiah is a blessing indeed! 
Isaiah eating his 3rd birthday cake!
Isaiah at 8 months old


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